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Title: Black Opus Vol. 1
Writer: Donnie Lee
Artist: R. E. Brown & Howard Daniels
Cover: Howard Daniels (painting)
Format: Digital 32 pages
Price: Free Online (Flash PageFlip Viewer)
Download: High Resolution . CBR, ePub or .PDF
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Read the first promotional digital comic from Dog Star Comics, Black Opus Vol. 1 by Donnie Lee, R. E. Brown, and Howard Daniels for free.

Black Opus Vol. 1 was originally published by the same company that published The Crow, Caliber Press and has been out of print for a few years now. Dog Star Comics has the rights to reissue this critically acclaimed dark voyage digitally. We have elected to use the opportunity as a strict promotion for Dog Star Comics and the type of comics and creators will are looking to publish and associate ourselves with.

Essentially, releasing Black Opus Vol. 1 sets Dog Star Comics in pre-launch mode where we will raise funds to pursue our dream of bringing high quality horror and dark comics into the digital age.  Establishing relationships with a reader base and  creators is also a paramount task of this “pre-launch”.

You can read, Black Opus Vol. 1 for free online. Please complete this form (we’re not going to SPAM you) so we’ll know that you checked it out. Once you fill out the form you might find the “easter egg”. Believe me, you won’t be disappointed in seeing the artwork of R. E. Brown or Howard Daniels in this compelling format. We would appreciate a donation for all the hard work that went into this comic book.

Black Opus Vol. 1 Digital Edition Synopsis

Black Opus Vol. 1 is a collection of four grimly dark and surreal episodes with a classic sequential introduction marking a “ride on the slipstream of thought before the moment of transcendence”. Or as it is so eloquently put in the introduction: “Soul gathering with a little rock n’ roll“.

  • Rain (Wash My Love) – A distraught, jilted man wanders the dark, inner-city struggling with his broken relationship. He is sparked into a fury of anger and passion. In his momentary insanity, he murders… He’s chased through the streets where he meets his transcendence at the barrel of a police revolver.
  • Prince of the Universe – Dedicated with respect to the memory of Freddie Mercury. A ghost of a man at his dying moment  rides a river of thought back into his life. He explores his accomplishments, his failures and his cowardice. He’s a man, once a demigod, but now faces his own humanity and mortality.
  • The Kiss – A failed artist inflicted with drug addiction and insecurity rebels against the ideal of society. His last act is to create the masterpiece that has eluded him. In his slide to the underside of his consciousness, his masterpiece is his own blood.
  • The Flying Boy – A story of innocents, idealism and isolation. A boy’s dreams and fantasies isolate him from his peers. His dreams of soaring on wings and breathing air never before breathed are granted to him.

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