Dog Star Comics is open to story, art, and team submissions from freelancers. If you are interested in sending your art or proposals to us, please follow these guidelines before submitting to us:

At the current time we are most interested in artists and writers who are comfortable working in horror and other dark genres. We are also interested in music and short prose that will lend itself to illustration. However, we are open minded and are looking for well crafted stories and concepts that may or may not fit in the dark genres. All stories will be evaluated on their own merit. We are specifically looking for mini-series that span multiple 32 page comics, graphic novels, one-shot stories, and short 6-12 pages stories for inclusion in our Revelations: End of Days anthology. At this time we are only accepting proposals and portfolios as PDF files

Writer/Artist Team Proposals must include a synopsis of the story, six pages of completed art, and script for 6 pages of story.

Writers must submit a complete synopsis with a complete script for at least the first issue or first chapter of a graphic novel. Shorter stories such as those intended for our anthology series, please submit your complete script.

Artists must send us 6-10 samples of each area you would like to be considered for. This means if you wish to be considered for pencils and inks we would need 6-10 samples of your pencils and 6-10 samples of your inks.

Musicians who would like to see their work illustrated in an interactive way, please send a synopsis of your story or concept and include a link to where we can sample your music.

Samples should be sent as an Adobe PDF document. If you have a website please include that link. Please keep the file size reasonable.

Keep in mind when you are selecting your samples that we are interested in complex scenes as well as single characters or objects.

We do not accept submissions via mail. All hard copy submissions will promptly destroyed or used in some weird ritual that you don’t want to know about. It is a horrible sight, don’t make us do it.

Please use the submission form for all submission.

We are actively looking for artists, writers, and musicians! Please do your best to impress us with strong stories, great artwork, and your appreciation for our vision to help you make money doing something you love. We try very hard to respond PROMPTLY. Most of us have been in your shoes at some point and we know how it feels so we do our best to treat your submission with RESPECT. You will receive a notice that we received your submission.

That being said, do not call, email or attempt to contact us in anyway regarding your submission. Remember, we have been bombarded with gamma rays. Have patience.